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What is GDPR?

As from May 2018 new regulations regarding patient information have come into force.  GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) seeks to create a harmonised data protection law framework across the EU and aims to give back to data subjects control of their personal data, whilst imposing strict rules on those hosting and processing this data, anywhere in the world.
Every effort is made to ensure the security and confidentiality of your medical record. The practice will adhere to GDPR in order to manage your data and ensure that it is recorded, protected and shared in line with current regulations.
To find out more about the storage, use and sharing of your information, please see the Privacy notices below:

Practice General Privacy Statement
Privacy Leaflet

Where might my information be shared?  Click the link to find out more.

Other Privacy Notices
Direct Care

Emergency Care
National Screening
Shared Care Record
NHS Digital
Risk Stratification

Opting out of sharing your data
If you do not wish to allow sharing of your information, please can you let us know so that we can add this to your medical record.  You can download our patient consent form to show your preferences with regard to contact and sharing data.
Data sharing opt out form
There are two main types of opt-out.
Type 1 Opt-Out
If you do not want information that identifies you to be shared outside the practice, for purposes beyond your direct care, you can register a ‘Type 1 Opt-Out’. This prevents your personal confidential information from being used other than in particular circumstances required by law, such as a public health emergency like an outbreak of a pandemic disease.
Type 2 Opt-Out
NHS Digital collects information from a range of places where people receive care, such as hospitals and community services. If you do not want your personal confidential information to be shared outside of NHS Digital, for purposes other than for your direct care, you can register a ‘Type 2 Opt-Out’. For further information about Type 2 Opt-Outs, please contact NHS Digital contact centre at referencing ‘Type 2 Opt-Outs – Data Requests’ in the subject line; or call NHS Digital on (0300) 303 5678; or visit this link

How do I make a request to access my data or have possible inaccuracies rectified?
You have the right to access your personal data – that is, your electronic GP record. If you have registered for online services and requested access to your online record you should be able view a version of your medical information.   You should request access using the form below, if your online record requires further clarification.   In addition, if you suspect that there is inaccuracy in your record you have the right to request rectification. 
Your right to access and rectification
Subject Access Request form

Freedom of Information Act

This act  sets out the basic rights of an individual to request and receive information held by a public authority. The aim of the Act is to enable members of the public to question the decisions of public authorities more closely and to ensure that public services are efficiently and properly delivered. If you wish to make a Freedom of Information request, please contact the practice with your request. The policy below contains details of how to apply.
Freedom of Information Policy



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